Multiple Personality Disorder cases

Multiple personality disorder is a problem in which a person lives with two or more identities. All these identities are different from each other. However, in medical parlance, it is now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Multiple Personality Disorder cases

2- Multiple Personality Disorder cases & Mean Insanity

Dissociative identity disorder can cause the same person to behave with different identities at the same time. It is also considered a very serious mental condition.

On the issue of Dissociative Identity Disorder, you can also understand the example of some Hindi movies, which include, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Tamasha, Aapneesh, and Karthik Calling Karthik. Multiple Personality Disorder cases

This problem is usually associated with insanity. However, its condition can make a person a danger to himself as well as the people around him.

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3- What are the symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder?

Multiple Personality Disorder cases & Mean Insanity

Do you suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder? To understand this, knowing its symptoms can be very important. It is not possible to predict when a person may have the problem of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

4- Multiple Personality Disorder cases

In this problem, there is no physical change or symptoms in the person. Not only this, but their mental behavior can also remain quite normal. Following are some of the symptoms identified by doctors that can help you identify whether you have Multiple Personality Disorder or not.

  • Always feel like ‘no sense of time’
  • Perpetual confusion or confusion in the mind
  • loss of memory
  • to behave differently from your regular behavior
  • display of more than one personality
  • sense of detachment

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5- Does multiple personality disorder mean insanity?

Mental health is a topic that people may feel reluctant to talk about openly. Mental problems can be congenital and occur at any stage of age. However, its symptoms can be different for everyone.

There are many types of mental problems, which we are going to know about Multiple Personality Disorder here. In this article, you will know what is Multiple Personality Disorder, its symptoms, causes, and treatment.

Multiple Personality Disorder cases?

In most people, the problem of multiple personality disorder can develop because of their childhood experiences. According to experts, children who have experienced mental stress, sexual harassment, and assault in childhood may be more likely to develop Multiple Personality Disorder in the future. This problem can happen to a person of any age, caste, gender, or social background.

Multiple Personality Disorder cases

Moving away from reality and adopting another personality seems like a way for people to be permanently calm and happy, but the long-term consequences can be very serious.


6- What is the treatment for multiple personality disorder?

Multiple Personality Disorder cases & Mean Insanity
Many faces symbolize different emotions or multiple personalities.

Multiple personality disorder is usually treated by a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists find the root cause of this problem and solve it with the help of ‘talking therapy.

In this session, the patient can be made aware mainly of the following points, which may include:

  • The patient is informed of his condition
  • Mentally, the strength to bear different emotions is increased
  • work on controlling the impulsive nature
  • Do not get the feeling of detachment again in future
  • Emphasis on time and stress management
  • lessons to improve relationships

Multiple Personality Disorder cases

There are many other points on which psychiatrists guide the patient. With this type of therapy, the patient’s self-confidence and confidence increase and he becomes more determined mentally.

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7- Can Depression Cause Multiple Personality Disorder?

According to scientists, there is every possibility that the state of depression can also cause multiple personality disorders. However, in the cases so far, the biggest reason for this has been seen to be some kind of physical or mental abuse. Apart from this, scientists also say that a person can also feel depression for multiple personality disorders.

Especially when he comes to know about his condition. Although symptoms of depression can be seen in only one behavior of a person or can be seen in all personality types, it may still need to be done with proper research.

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8- frequently asked Questions

Can a person with Multiple Personality Disorder be a life-threatening person?

With multiple personality disorders, the same person can start living with many different personalities. The behavior of such persons can also be different from every other person.

While they can feel very sensitive and emotional for some, for some they can also feel disgusted and have negative thoughts for unknown reasons. If its problem is serious, it can also harm the person or object in front of it for unknown reasons.

9- Can the symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder be seen physically?

Multiple Personality Disorder cases & Mean Insanity

Dissociative Identity Disorder may not have a physical appearance, although it may be noted with some symptoms, which may include:

  • person having headache
  • feel chest pain
  • mild or severe cramping in the lower abdomen

In addition, the symptoms of dissociative identity disorder can include depression, mood swings, eating disorders (such as overeating or cravings), and suicidal thoughts along with anxiety symptoms in some individuals.

Multiple Personality Disorder cases

Dissociative identity disorder takes a long time to heal. Due to multiple personality disorders, a person has to face social shame, guilt, anxiety, and sadness.

Patients with dissociative identity disorder also have a fear of suicide. That is why proper and prompt treatment is very important. It is like any other disease. We just need to have some sensitivity from the patient during its treatment.

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